cover image Welcome to Oddville

Welcome to Oddville

Jay Stephens. AdHouse, $14.95 (88p) ISBN 978-1-93523-308-4

Drawings%C2%A0with a deliciously old-fashioned feel and atomic-inspired colors that pop off the page place readers squarely in the palm of Stephens's hand from page one of this stunner of a graphic novel. Much of the work consists of%C2%A0stand-alone comics%C2%A0in the epic newspaper broadsheet style of ages past; each forces%C2%A0Stephens to crescendo quickly to achieve the conflict/resolution style this short form requires; luckily, his artistry is more than equal to the task. Best of all, though, is the%C2%A0goofy, harmless%C2%A0brand of humor in evidence throughout, especially in the longer Welcome to Oddville strips starring precocious Jet Cat and her associates. At the end of one adventure,%C2%A0she happily chirps:%C2%A0"Well, we did it! Somehow a kid superhero, a grumpy%C2%A0snail, a vegetable ghost, and the head of a giant robot managed to team%C2%A0up and%C2%A0save the city." With his spot-on%C2%A0comedic timing, crisp can't-look-away graphics, and steady storytelling, Stephens proves that he is%C2%A0the whole package. (June)%C2%A0