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Gregory Benton. AdHouse (, $19.95 (64p) ISBN 978-1-935233-25-1

Benton’s second graphic novel, which won the MoCCA Award of Excellence, tells the wordless story of the adventures of a naked woman and a giant yellow dog as they explore a bizarre and ever-changing landscape and confront many different types of mystical creatures. The story becomes violent and harrowing, as not all of the creatures are peaceable. The tensions rise when the woman’s leg is stolen and she has to battle a variety of monsters—including giant mole people—in a quest to retrieve it. The story heats up, and builds to a climactic and satisfying final scene. The artwork is absolutely beautiful, with breathtaking treatment of light. Benton has a superb sense of color and a charming, animated style all his own, with lithe figures and strong textures. Though the storyline eventually pays off, early in the book the quest feels a bit meandering, and the characters take a while to grow on you. The book is also a bit insubstantial, both in terms of length and in character and thematic development, which could be a side effect of the lack of any text. In its oversize format, however, the visuals take over. (Nov.)