cover image Fly Into Fire

Fly Into Fire

Susan Jane Bigelow. Candlemark & Gleam (Ingram, dist.), $19.95 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-1-936460-18-2

The sequel to Susan Jane Bigelow's outstanding Broken finds guilt-ridden superhero Sky Ranger on the run from the fascist Reformist government he served for years. His motley crew includes an Earth exile with a secret, and a young extrahuman with extraordinary powers who the government wants for a nefarious purpose. Along the way, Penny Silverwing%E2%80%94formerly known as Broken, and Sky Ranger's former lover%E2%80%94finds her path crossing his again. Multiple extrahumans and refugees are saved from the government during the escape while a little surprise looms before another mission is handed down. Filled with hairpin plot turns, breathtaking escapes, compelling characters, and a profound sense of humanity, this installment of the Extrahuman series expands upon an already fascinating universe and leaves the reader hungry for a third book. (Jan.)