cover image Black Night

Black Night

Christina Henry. Ace, $7.99 mass market (288p) ISBN 978-1-937007-06-5

Henry stalls out in the urban fantasy sequel to 2010's Black Wings. Maddy Black, an agent of death, is adjusting to having a heartstone rather than a heart, and her boss, JB, seems to have mellowed a little. Otherwise, life goes on as it has%E2%80%94she's broke, her (unpaid) job is frustrating, and she has a knack for discovering gruesome dismemberments. This time the victim's a werewolf whose murder is at first glance merely troubling. The subsequent disappearance of Gabriel, Maddy's bodyguard, and Beezle, her gargoyle companion, may be connected to the killing, the people trying to assassinate Maddy, or both. In the middle of everything, Lucifer commands Maddy to be his ambassador to the faerie court, the previous ambassador having been beheaded. The pace is breathless, but those who hoped for development in the characters or Henry's imaginative world will be disappointed. (Aug.)