cover image A Prayer for the Devil

A Prayer for the Devil

Dale Allan. Emerald Book Company, $23.95 hardcover (320p) ISBN 978-1-937110-34-5

When his twin brother, Aaron; a politician named Brad Thompson; and Muslim reformist Ablaa Raboud are killed in a bombing at a political rally in Boston, handsome and humane Father Luke Miller decides to take matters into his own hands. The police are unsure about the intended target of the attack, and Miller%E2%80%99s investigation raises more questions than it answers. He defies warnings about his own safety and finds support from businessman and mobster Sal Bruno, homeless men John Daly and Blade, computer hacker Arnold, and Raboud%E2%80%99s sister. Allan%E2%80%99s taut thriller is well plotted, and the explication of the mystery and the many odd characters with whom Father Luke becomes involved will keep readers engaged and turning the pages. While the bombing drives the mystery at the heart of Allan%E2%80%99s book, it also serves as a vehicle for a somewhat surface exploration of the clash of Islam with Christianity and the West. Readers may find the characters lacking in emotional depth and some plot points far-fetched, but fans of the genre will enjoy this highly readable thriller with a final shocking revelation that seems to signal a sequel.