River Queens: Saucy Boat, Stoat Mates, Spotted Dog, America

Alexander Watson. Orange Frazer, $27.95 (320p) ISBN 978-1-939710-85-7
Watson’s delightful memoir recounts how he and his partner, Dale—both real estate investors—bought a fixer-upper 1950s wooden Chris-Craft boat for $14,500 and sailed it from Oklahoma to Ohio. They began by overhauling the boat inside and out; after two years, it was finally seaworthy, and they traveled along various rivers (with an overland tow from the Arkansas River in Little Rock to the Tennessee River) to their Cincinnati home. Watson and Dale—the River Queens of the title—have an enjoyable banter throughout, arguing who’s going to take the dog for a walk or how to signal for help when their boat breaks down, but it’s really the folks they meet along the way who steal the show: Alon, an aging mechanic who assists the men in the boat’s restoration; John Bartlett, a crazy Cajun captain the likes of which “one does not meet in Grandmother’s living room”; and a smattering of river rats, retirees, and good old boys. No matter who they encounter, the two gay city slickers and their dog charm and impress with their beautiful boat and their love of the “muddy water” that runs through their veins. This is a heartwarming look into the heart of America. (BookLife)
Reviewed on : 01/10/2019
Genre: Nonfiction
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