cover image Time and Time Again

Time and Time Again

Robert Silverberg. Three Rooms, $16 trade paper (490p) ISBN 978-1-941110-72-0

These 16 tales of time travel from SFWA Grand Master Silverberg span the length of his illustrious career and range from the minutely technical to the wildly inventive, each raising fascinating questions about the fourth dimension. A jealous ex tries to sabotage a couple by traveling through time to manipulate their past (“Needle in a Time Stack”). A man’s consciousness is transported to the body of a gigantic, intelligent lobster in the distant future (“Homefaring”). Scientists save a dying classical composer by bringing him forward in time, only for him to decide that he wants to become a pop star (“Gianni”). Silverberg introduces the collection with a new essay about his early influences, and each story is paired with an anecdote about the experience of writing it, which will appeal to die-hard fans. Though the sexual politics and treatment of the female characters frequently feel quite dated (including a marital rape in “Jennifer’s Lover” that is all but ignored by the narrative), the leaps of imagination are fresh as ever, and both new readers and those familiar with Silverberg’s work will appreciate his ability to spin a gripping yarn. (Nov.)