cover image Starblind


D.T. Dyllin. Tik Tok, $2.99 e-book (298p) ISBN 978-1-941126-37-0

Dyllin (E-Day) hits all the right notes in this light SF romance, building a universe full of politics and battle while fanning the flames of passion. Captain Jane, a genetic hybrid who can withstand fire, embraces her human side, using her bounty-hunting prizes to support a collection of period clothing and historic foods that remind her of destroyed Earth. Her all-female, all-alien crewmates on the Pittsburgh think she takes too many chances by going after Class 4 targets—those with unpredictable abilities—but the United Galactic Federation of Stars (UGFS) pays too well for her to pass them up. Her latest bounty, Ash, is like nothing she’s ever chased before, and his heat calls to an unknown part of her DNA like no other creature in the universe can. Ash understands what Jane is, but refuses to let her catch him until she understands why the UGFS is out to silence both of them, along with entire species who threaten its control. Fans of both paranormal romance and space opera will find this a refreshing mix of the two. (BookLife)