cover image The Forgotten Tale: The Accidental Turn Series, book II

The Forgotten Tale: The Accidental Turn Series, book II

J.M. Frey. Reuts, $19.99 trade paper (560p) ISBN 978-1-942111-44-3

Being a part of a family, however unconventional, is an integral theme of Frey’s clever, adventurous, and endearing second Turn novel (after The Untold Tale). After living in reality for two years, Forsyth Turn has grown accustomed to not being just a character in the pages of a book. When classic books—and everyone’s memories of them—start disappearing, Forsyth seems to be the only one who notices. Abruptly pulled back into his fictitious realm of Hain by an anger-driven Deal Maker spirit and an unhappy teenager, Forsyth discovers a connection between the missing books and the vanishing constellations in his home world. He begins an epic quest to find the stars, the books, and a way back home, joined by his brother, Kintyre; Kintyre’s partner, Bevel Dom; their newly discovered son, Wyndam; Forsyth’s his beloved wife, Pip; and their toddler daughter, Alis. As in the previous novel, the thought-provoking story discusses the stereotypical role of women in fantasy novels, but more focus is placed on the characters’ struggles with their familial roles and relationships, creating depth and commonality. Agent: Laurie McLean, Fuse Literary. (Dec.)