cover image The Lazarus Vector

The Lazarus Vector

Erica Obey. Blank Slate, $16.50 trade paper (350p) ISBN 978-1-943075-22-5

In this fascinating contemporary paranormal mystery, Obey deftly combines political intrigue, tests of ethics, and the danger of miracles. Dr. Clare Malley long ago lost hope that her career as a medievalist would lead her to adventure. Then she is invited to investigate the question of whether a man called Father Enoch is performing miracles. Jonas Croswell survives an attempted murder—and those who saw him shot say Father Enoch healed him. But the thaumaturgy of Father Enoch is not unfailingly a blessing. He also miraculously healed a young boy who then terrorized the people around him and disappeared. Obey delicately balances a religious procedural investigation with a science fiction twist. Defying genre convention, the characters do not rely upon violence to combat the horrors that surround them. Each could justify giving in to the temptation of revenge, casting aside morals in favor of pragmatism. Obey instead depicts wit and humanity as the only fitting weapons against evil. Heroic acts of kindness and decency subtly demonstrate the power of honest faith, and are contrasted against the brutal reality of a secular world. The delightful prose style propels the narrative to a satisfying conclusion full of hope and love. (Oct.)