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3 x 4

Ivan Brunetti. Toon, $12.95 (40p) ISBN 978-1-943145-34-8

Cartoonist Brunetti (Wordplay) stages another concept-driven comic for early readers. “For your homework, you’ll draw 12 things, but in sets,” a teacher wearing a plaid shirt and bow-tie instructs. In full-bleed and four-panel spreads using dialogue balloons, Brunetti shows the children’s thought processes: “I can’t decide... Draw 3 things, 4 times each? Or 4 things, 3 times each?” one boy ponders. A glance at a carton of eggs makes the assignment more clear: “Oh, as long as I have 12! Mom, I’m hungry!” Another student draws a monster with four heads, legs, and tails. Brunetti’s India ink and digital art features playful scenes; figures have ball-like heads, blocky torsos, and elongated arms. As the characters work through the multiplication concept on their own terms, readers are sure to arrive at a clearer understanding. Ages 3–6. [em](Sept.) [/em]