cover image The Journal of Angela Ashby

The Journal of Angela Ashby

Liana Gardner. Vesuvian, $12.99 paper (280p) ISBN 978-1-944109-69-1

Angela Ashby, 12, has plenty to worry about. Not only are she and her best friend, Mallory, the targets of the school bullies, but Angela’s parents have gotten divorced, and their relationship remains contentious. Angela isn’t letting this get her down, though. During a fun-filled trip through the school carnival, Angela and Mallory decide to have their fortunes told, and each receives a gift from the mysterious Madame Vadoma. Angela’s gift is a journal, a place to record her deepest thoughts and desires, and it comes with a cryptic warning that she must use her new power responsibly. Once Angela starts writing, her words begin manifesting with hilarious, startling, and sometimes unexpected results. This second novel by Gardner (7th Grade Revolution) is filled with achingly relatable tween moments and gentle lessons about the power of friendship, understanding other people’s stories, and living with the consequences of one’s actions. Ages 10–up. [em]Agency: Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary. (Oct.) [/em]