cover image The Last of Her

The Last of Her

Brent Spencer. Brighthorse, $16.99 trade paper (340p) ISBN 978-1-944467-38-8

After 9/11, Hella Duran, the heroine of this riveting series launch from Spencer (Rattlesnake Daddy), joins the war on terror. Because of her superior combat skills, fluency in Pashto, and skin color (her grandfather was Afghani), she’s tapped to work undercover, searching for Osama bin Laden himself. In 2010, while in Torkham, Afghanistan, Hella gets a promising lead, but the drone strike she calls in on what she believed was bin Laden’s location instead seriously injures her and kills an innocent family. During her hospital recovery, Hella learns that the army blames her for providing the wrong coordinates for the drone attack, and she’s been demoted to private and involuntarily discharged. Hella returns to the remote part of Nebraska where she grew up, resolved to somehow find out how her mission went wrong. Her investigation’s threatened by an unknown adversary, who follows her to her home turf, and Hella must use all her survival skills to stay alive and uncover the truth. Spencer makes Hella a fully rounded character and her situation plausible. Readers will hope she’ll be back soon. (Self-published)