Joshua Bader. City Owl, $3.99 e-book (248p) ISBN 978-1-944728-91-5
The pivotal third book in Bader’s dynamic urban fantasy series (after Two Wizard Roulette) finds the wizard Colin Fisher in a self-induced coma, determined to go back to his previous lives and finally solve the mystery of his past once and for all. Meanwhile, FBI agent and profiler Andrea Deveraux and assassin Veruca Wakefield are battling a shadowy organization known as the Faceless. Up until this point, Andrea’s life has been on a certain, law-abiding course. Now Lucien Valente, a criminal CEO and Colin’s employer, makes her an offer her heart won’t let her refuse. Veruca, already in Lucien’s employ, is having a hard time figuring out her emotions where Colin’s concerned, but she sees Andrea as a bitter rival. That rivalry is cast aside as both women must join forces to fight for Colin’s life. Bloody action underscores a plot in which introspection occasionally leads to an excess of exposition, but everything works well together to pave the way for future installments. (Sept.)
Reviewed on: 08/13/2018
Genre: Fiction
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