cover image Darksoul: The Godblind Trilogy, Book 2

Darksoul: The Godblind Trilogy, Book 2

Anna Stephens. Talos, $15.99 trade paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-945863-28-8

Stephens delivers a worthy second installment (following Godblind) of her rich and immersive grimdark trilogy, narrowing the geographic scope of the story in order to focus on her enthralling cast of characters and provide emotional depth to this battle-heavy tale. The siege on the city of Rilporin has achieved a grim stasis, with armies on either side of a once impenetrable defensive wall. Inside the city, Cdr. Durdil Koridam has reluctantly taken on the mantle of leadership, desperately awaiting promised reinforcements. Outside, King Corvus and Prince Rivil’s armies work in an uneasy alliance to bring Rilporin to its knees. Meanwhile, the Godblind Dom Templeson forces himself to serve the Dark Lady, an evil goddess who has taken over his mind. And far away, Crys Tailorson continues to grow into his destiny, discovering both the all-consuming love and the fearsome powers of which he is capable. Stephens expertly avoids a midseries slump with elegant, evocative prose, intense action, and plenty of emotional twists, providing a story that her fans will find irresistible. (Jan.)