cover image The Immortal City

The Immortal City

Amy Kuivalainen. BHC, $26.95 (324p) ISBN 978-1-947727-77-9

Kuivalainen (the Firebird Fairy Tales series) centers this passionate urban fantasy on the Atlantis legend. Dr. Penelope Byrne’s theory of Atlantis’s existence got her shunned in academic circles, but she has found part of a tablet from Atlantis and is certain it’s real. When she receives an email from Venetian police inspector Marco Dandolo containing photographs of a murder victim and Atlantean glyphs written in blood, she flies to Italy to investigate. After another body appears, Penelope experiences magical incidents that lead her to Alexis Donato, an immortal Atlantean magician dedicating his life to protecting Atlantis and its people. While Alexis delves into his magic and explains how the murders may be sacrifices to the Atlantean god, Thevetat, his relationship with Penelope buds into romance. But as Carneval approaches, the final steps of Thevetat’s plans take shape involving Penelope as the final sacrifice. Most of the story focuses on worldbuilding and setting the stage for future installments, but there’s enough plot to keep pages turning. Fans of fantasy, murder mysteries, and romance will admire Kuivalainen’s skill at combining the three. (Sept.)