cover image Salt + Stilettos

Salt + Stilettos

Janet Walden-West. City Owl, $3.99 e-book (340p) ISBN 978-1-949090-83-3

Walden-West debuts with a delectable romance between a Miami image consultant and the rough-around-the-edges client she must polish before the opening of his South Beach restaurant. Will Te’o, a gentle giant and brilliant Samoan chef, is initially resistant to brusque, sophisticated Brett Fontaine’s radical makeover ideas, but learning of her traumatic past softens him to her influence. The son of one of Miami’s wealthiest families stalked Brett and was planning to abduct her before he was arrested, leaving Brett shaken and closed off to relationships. But sparks fly between her and Will despite her steadfast resolve not to mix business with pleasure. When Brett’s stalker’s family begins a smear campaign that threatens her career, she expects she’ll have to weather it alone, only to find Will at her side, offering his support. While the sexual tension between the leads sizzles from the get go, it’s the show of mutual support and respect that will make readers swoon. This tale of opposites attracting is a treat. Agent: Eva Scalzo, Speilburg Literary. (Apr.)