cover image Through the Night Like a Snake: Latin American Horror Stories

Through the Night Like a Snake: Latin American Horror Stories

Edited by Sarah Coolidge. Two Lines, $16.95 trade paper (200p) ISBN 978-1-949641-57-8

The chilling stories in this noteworthy anthology feature creepy houses, strange encounters, and body horror. In “Visitor” by Julián Isaza, translated by Joel Streicker, an old woman who lives a quiet, solitary life discovers a strange creature outside her house one night that resembles Kermit the Frog. She develops an ET-and-Elliot-like symbiotic relationship with the creature, who prompts her to take an unsettling action. “The Third Transformation” by Maximiliano Barrientos, translated by Tim Gutteridge, centers on a former metalhead who returns to his small hometown after he hears news that his childhood best friend Eduardo is in a coma. Piecing together accounts from Eduardo’s mother, he realizes his friend had wandered into a house outside of town that was rumored when they were kids to be occupied by a former Nazi. Among the collection’s standouts are Mariana Enriquez’s “That Summer in the Dark,” translated by Megan McDowell, about two bored teenage girls whose obsession with serial killers becomes a close-to-home reality when a neighbor in their apartment complex murders his family; and the dreamy, impressionistic “In the Mountains” by Lina Munar Guevara, translated by Ellen Jones, about a woman driving on a winding mountain road in the fog, following a car that might not be real. This eerie selection of exciting contemporary voices is sure to keep readers up at night. (Mar.)