cover image Drone: A Miranda Chase NTSB Thriller

Drone: A Miranda Chase NTSB Thriller

M.L. Buchman. Buchman Bookworks, $19.99 trade paper (422p) ISBN 978-1-949825-46-6

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Miranda Chase, the heroine of Buchman’s taut debut and series launch, gets the biggest challenge of her career when she’s dispatched to Nevada, where a C-130 Hercules transport plane has crashed on the highly sensitive military base known as Area 51. Despite the objections of the general in charge of the base to her presence, Miranda persists and, with the support her team, uses her unique approach to crash site investigating to try to understand what happened. A prologue effectively teases the reader about a possible answer: Chinese Air Force Maj. Wang Fen dies while flying an advanced fighter jet prototype when a drone shatters his aircraft. Buchman raises the stakes by revealing the identity of the person behind Fen’s death—Clarissa Reese, the ambitious and ruthless CIA director of Special Research. The action builds to a satisfying climax. Tom Clancy fans open to a strong female lead will clamor for more. (Self-published.)