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Rebecca Crowley. Tule, $3.99 e-book (230p) ISBN 978-1-950510-16-0

Crowley (The Striker’s Chance) lays the groundwork for an emotionally rich series with her first London Phoenix novel, featuring two overworked, heartsore professionals who come together to expose a medical malpractice cover-up. Dr. Grace Reilly shares a stolen moment of lust with a man who turns out to be the new editor of one of London’s longest-running broadsheet newspapers. Oren Brody and his two brothers rescued the London Phoenix from bankruptcy, and they need a real story to boost the paper’s circulation. Oren has a lead on a malpractice scandal at Grace’s hospital—the same hospital in which Oren’s mother died unexpectedly—but he needs Grace’s help to uncover it. What begins as a tenuous working partnership develops into an intense passion, until Grace and Oren find themselves on opposite sides of a breaking news headline. Vivid characters and an intriguing premise make this contemporary especially appealing. (Aug.)