cover image The Ninja’s Blade

The Ninja’s Blade

Tori Eldridge. Agora, $16.95 trade paper (336p) ISBN 978-1-951709-09-9

In Eldridge’s riveting sequel to 2019’s The Ninja Daughter, Aleisha and Stan Reiner, who run Aleisha’s Refuge, a shelter for abused women, retain kick-ass L.A. ninja Lily Wong to find shelter resident Emma Hughes, who was forced into being a sex worker and was later abducted at gunpoint while visiting her parents. In looking for Emma, Lily uncovers a juvenile-sex-trafficking ring, and vows to find the man responsible and free the girls. Meanwhile, Lily becomes the target of Varrio Norwalk 66, a street gang, because they blame her for the death of one of its members. Further impeding her is her own judgmental mother who expects her to entertain her grandparents visiting from Hong Kong and PTSD-generated flashbacks of a killing she once witnessed. Also competing for Lily’s time is a new love interest. In her unconventional style, the indomitable Lily keeps all these balls in the air, resulting in an exciting mystery that takes a sobering look at the sexual exploitation of youth in Los Angeles. Readers will eagerly await Lily’s next outing. Agent: Cherry Weiner, Cherry Weiner Literary. (Sept.)