cover image Dangerous Water

Dangerous Water

Charlee James. Tule, $3.99 e-book (258p) ISBN 978-1-951786-57-1

Drama, deceit, and a heartfelt family reunion fuel the touching second Cape Cod Shore romance from James (after Caught in the Current). Shortly after Elle Devereaux’s wealthy parents die in a suspected joint suicide, Elle discovers a stuffed animal in their attic that triggers long repressed memories, leading her to believe that she was kidnapped as a child and raised by her abductors. Internet research leads Elle to Boston PI Alex MacIntyre, who’s placed an ad looking for her long-missing sister. Elle travels to Boston for answers, but before she can meet Alex and determine whether they’re related, she must be vetted by Alex’s business partner and best friend, Gabe Sandoval. As a former Baltimore police detective, Gabe’s cynical by nature, but he’s smitten by Elle. Elle is equally attracted to Gabe, believing that under his rigid exterior lies a good and kind man. James leaves several questions unanswered in her tumultuous, convoluted plot, but Elle and Gabe’s devotion to one another is palpable, and Elle’s eventual reunion with her true family adds depth and heart. The romance overpowers the mystery, but it’s passionate enough that many readers won’t mind. (Aug.)