cover image Queen of None

Queen of None

Natania Barron. Vernacular, $14.99 trade paper (326p) ISBN 978-1-952283-05-5

Starting with a clever explanation as to why King Arthur’s sister has been forgotten by history, Barron (Time & Temper) spins an entertaining new version of the Arthurian legend. Anna Pendragon was married off to the brutal King Lot when she was 12. Returning to Camelot as a widow 20 years later to bring Lot’s crown as a gift to Arthur, she hopes to rekindle her old love with Sir Bedevere and reconnect with her son, Sir Gawain. Instead, she discovers she is still a pawn of Arthur and the fearsome Merlin, who swiftly marry her off again in an effort to control both her and her new husband, Lancelot. With help from the women on the Avalon side of her family, Anna sets in motion a plan to seize her freedom—but the dark power required may destroy her. Anna, who loves and reviles Camelot in equal measure, offers a sympathetic new perspective on the familiar story. Though she only desires a life of love and peace, she’s forced to contend with her brother’s machinations and fight for her own autonomy. The result is a layered, engaging retelling sure to please fans of the Arthurian tales. [em](Dec.) [/em]