cover image Bridge to Elsewhere

Bridge to Elsewhere

Edited by Alana Joli Abbott and Julia Rios. Outland Entertainment, $17.95 trade paper (362p) ISBN 978-1-954255-33-3

From jaunts with spacefaring felines to deeply thought-provoking explorations of what it means to be human, the 19 stories in this delightful space opera anthology imagine a universe in which anything is possible as long as there’s a ship and a crew to make it happen. In C.S.E. Cooney and Carlos Hernandez’s “Snowed In,” the captain of a generation ship struggles under the burden of responsibility for the people entrusted to their care. Mari Kurisato’s standout “The Trip” delves into the conflict between human drive and artificial intelligence through the relationship of long-time partners Corie and Amy. The poignant “Meteorites” by Anjali Patel highlights the bonds between four crewmates on a mission where success is far from guaranteed. There’s also plenty of lighter fare to counter these heavy emotions: anyone who’s ever lived with a cat will wince over the concept of litter cleaning in space, as presented in RJ Theodore’s “Gort, Cinder and Sphinx,” while “The Ship Cat of the Suzaku Maru,” by SL Huang, offers a gleeful slice-of-life glimpse into how even the smallest of crewmates can make a difference. This fun, wonderfully diverse anthology will remind readers of the joy and imagination that defines the best of science fiction. (July)