cover image Flotsam


R J Theodore. Robot Dinosaur, $16.99 trade paper (426p) ISBN 978-1-956771-02-2

Blending sci-fi and fantasy elements within a steampunk aesthetic, Theodore’s adventurous debut and Peridot Shift series launch introduces Talis, captain of the steam-powered airship Wind Sabre, and her misfit crew of three. They set out to make quick money by retrieving an old and valuable ring from a wrecked ship—and wind up in way over their heads. Mysterious alien visitors offer a greater sum than Talis and crew could ever dream of for the ring—and even more if they will lead the alien airship to their gods. It’s an impossible task, but the money’s too good to pass up. What no one aboard the Wind Sabre realizes, however, is that the ring is immensely powerful, and, in giving it to the aliens, they’ve made some dangerous enemies. Meanwhile, the aliens claim they want to consult with the gods about how the deities managed to rebuild the world after a devastating event called the Cataclysm—but there’s plenty the aliens aren’t saying. As enemy forces converge all around them, the crew of the Wind Sabre find themselves at the center of a percolating war. Theodore keeps the pages flying with shifting allegiances, epic battles, and plenty of intrigue while setting the stage nicely for future installments. Readers will be eager to see what happens next. (Self-published)