cover image Different Kinds of Defiance

Different Kinds of Defiance

Renan Bernardo. Android, $21.99 trade paper (232p) ISBN 978-1-958121-75-7

Bernardo’s optimistic debut collection presents 10 visions of a future affected by climate change and all that comes with it—warfare, greed, wealth disparity, and inequality. The tone is far from bleak or dismal, however; rather, Bernardo’s characters find ways to work with the changes to benefit their communities. For instance, in the opening story, “Eight Steps to Steal a Yacht and Build a Hospital,” a man confiscates a wealthy influencer’s superyacht and transforms it into a traveling hospital in the flooded streets of Brazil. On another community-centric note, “When It’s Time to Harvest” follows an elderly couple who have devoted their lives to their space-saving vertical farm, growing produce to feed “a community of 300,000 souls.” Though the similar morals of each tale become a bit repetitive, it’s refreshing to envision positive outcomes in the wake of climate disaster. Bernardo’s is a promising new voice in hopeful science fiction. (Mar.)