cover image Listen to the Earth: Caring for Our Planet

Listen to the Earth: Caring for Our Planet

Carme Lemniscates. Tilbury House, $18.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-958394-04-5

Lemniscates proposes gratitude for the Earth and encourages sustainability in this urgent picture book call to action. Poetic observations about the ways the planet provides sustenance, shelter, and fuel also note the overuse of resources before segueing to a stewardship message: “We can find a balance./ The Earth whispers the way/ to hearts that listen.” Sidebars accompany with technically presented details about Earth Overshoot Day—the date each year after which material use outpaces planetary production—and the types of activities that will “move the date.” Employing monotype, collage, and painterly techniques, full-bleed textured artwork depicts dirty industrial scenes in grays, metallic blues, and sickly yellows. In contrast, vivid greens and pinks help set the stage for a cleaner future in which figures of varied skin tones bike, farm, and plant trees—a beatific vision of the apparent harmony the creator suggests is within reach. Back matter provides suggestions for eco-friendly lifestyle changes. Ages 6–8. (Mar.)