cover image I Want You More

I Want You More

Swan Huntley. Zibby, $27.99 (256p) ISBN 978-1-958506-71-4

Ghostwriter Zara Pines falls under her client’s spell in this deliciously disquieting outing from Huntley (Getting Clean with Stevie Green). Though Zara has never heard of Jane Bailey, she accepts an assignment to write the television chef’s memoir because she needs the money. Though she’s loath to leave behind a promising new romance in California to live with Jane in the Hamptons, Zara quickly settles into the hedged and soundproofed house Jane inherited from her dead husband. The two women also discover a mutual sexual attraction, and Zara enjoys relinquishing control over her own life as she agrees to follow Jane’s workout regimen and diet. In a strange development, Jane encourages Zara to wear matching outfits and get an identical haircut, and the women’s surface-level similarity unnerves Bijou, Jane’s beleaguered housekeeper. Ghostwriter and client begin an affair, but after Jane takes a surprising action that imperils her career as well as the book deal, Zara realizes her position in Jane’s life is more tenuous than she thought. Huntley strikes a delicate tonal balance between seductive and serious as the living situation becomes dangerous for Zara. Readers who have ever wondered, “Do I want to be her or be with her?” will feel a chill up their spines. Agent: Nora Gonzalez, Gernert Co. (May)