cover image Christmas in River’s Edge

Christmas in River’s Edge

Nan Reinhardt. Tule, $4.99 e-book (260p) ISBN 978-1-961544-16-1

Reinhardt makes River’s Edge, Ind., merry and bright in her sweet third Weaver Sisters romance (after Home to River’s Edge). Of the identical Weaver triplets, only Jenny is yet to meet her match. Recently divorced from her alcoholic high school sweetheart, Ryan “Tuff” Tuffington, Jenny puts most of her energy goes into raising their eight-year-old son, Luke—but she can’t deny the attraction she feels when she’s reunited with Gabe Dawson during a high school reunion weekend. Archaeology professor Gabe was once a nerd, but now he’s Heathcliff-level hot—and he’s loved Jenny since he was a teenager. When Gabe’s mother breaks several bones in an accident, he relocates to River’s Edge for the holiday season to take care of her. Gabe and Jenny fall hard and fast for each other—but Tuff’s delusional determination to win Jenny back threatens to derail their relationship. Reinhardt’s tale ably captures the messiness of ex-husbands and new loves, and she makes it easy to care about her multifaceted characters. Chaste, adorable, and festive, this is sure to win over small-town romance fans. (Oct.)