cover image Someone Like You

Someone Like You

Karen Kingsbury. Atria, $26 (384p) ISBN 978-1-98210-431-3

Kingsbury (Two Weeks) explores what it means to be family in this charming inspirational. After Dawson Gage’s girlfriend, London, dies in an accident, London’s grief-stricken mother tells Dawson she had donated a number of embryos years before, one of which was carried to term through an embryo transplant. Dawson then sets out to find the sister London never knew she had. Maddie West had no idea that she was the result of an embryo donation until Dawson shows up at her workplace in Indianapolis and tells her. Feeling angry and betrayed by her parents, Maddie heads to Portland to meet her biological parents. There, Dawson acts as a tour guide, taking Maddie to all of London’s favorite places. He is struck by her similarities to London, but soon begins to appreciate Maddie for who she is, especially the deep faith that both she and Dawson share. Dawson and Maddie feel a powerful connection, but Maddie is already engaged and must decide where her heart and loyalties lie. Kingsbury includes eloquent scriptural references that guide her faith-filled characters through both tragedy and pivotal life choices. This emotional, thoughtful tale will please Kingsbury’s fans and make her new ones as well. (May)