cover image The Other Side of Yet: Finding Light in the Midst of Darkness

The Other Side of Yet: Finding Light in the Midst of Darkness

Michelle D. Hord. Atria, $27 (256p) ISBN 978-1-98217-352-4

Hord, a former executive at NBCUniversal, shares in her gut-wrenching debut how she found purpose in the aftermath of a life-shattering tragedy. After Hord’s ex-husband murdered their young daughter, Hord was consumed by grief. As she slowly picked up the pieces of her life, she resolved to share her road to recovery with others who have dealt with loss, specifically those who “need a new path even when [they] don’t want one.” To that end, Hord tackles tragedy in three phases: “Before,” “Yet,” and “After.” In “Before,” she encourages readers to nurture hope, acknowledge their strength, and stand by their faith. “Yet” speaks to embracing vulnerability, finding those who will support one’s recovery, and moving forward. The shortest and most affecting section is “After,” in which Hord accepts that she will never be entirely free of her sorrow, but still hopes “to find in my after... something more powerful than my pain and grief.” Hord doesn’t pull punches or offer easy bromides, but instead confronts grief with grace and candor. Readers struggling with loss will find solace in Hord’s courage and guidance. Agent: Cait Hoyt, CAA. (Mar.)