cover image Living the Vanlife: On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community & Joy

Living the Vanlife: On the Road Toward Sustainability, Community & Joy

Noami J. Grevemberg. Simon Element, $24.99 (224p) ISBN 978-1-98-217961-8

Grevemberg, founder of Diversify VanLife, an organization for underrepresented members of the “vanlife” community, debuts with an eye-opening guide to life on the road. The author recalls how burnout and frustration with her unfulfilling day-to-day spurred her and her husband to embark on an adventure across America in 2016. In the nomadic lifestyle, Grevemberg discovered a type of “intentional living” that entailed “shifting away” from traditional markers of social success, such as career and family, and onto a path rooted in joy and connection to nature. Grevemberg dispenses advice for aspiring nomads, including how to coexist with a partner in a small space and prioritize self-care. As a “Black-identifying, mixed-race, queer immigrant,” she also offers counsel to underrepresented individuals within a largely “whitewashed” culture, discussing how to navigate unique safety challenges, and reconnect with nature even if one’s relationship “to the outdoors has been ruptured due to colonization” (practices can include cooking cultural dishes, hiking, or foraging). This spirited guide is animated by Grevemberg’s passion for a nomadic life but doesn’t sugarcoat its challenges, and there’s useful advice tailored to “weekenders,” “part time,” and “full-time” vanlifers alike. The restless are sure to catch the travel bug. (July)