cover image The Silence in Her Eyes

The Silence in Her Eyes

Armando Lucas Correa. Atria, $27 (288p) ISBN 978-1-982197-50-6

A woman with a rare neurological condition that prevents her from seeing movement fears her next-door neighbor might be killed in the gripping latest from Correa (In Search of Emma). Twenty-eight-year-old Leah Anderson has lived with akenatopsia, or “motion blindness,” for two decades. Only able to perceive objects that are perfectly still, Leah has developed sharper senses of smell and hearing as a result, allowing her to scent a perfume across a crowd or hear someone shrug into a coat on the next floor of her Manhattan apartment building. Her condition has left her isolated, especially since the recent death of her mother, and she has little contact with people aside from her housekeeper, elderly neighbors, and doctor. One evening, however, Leah becomes convinced she’s overheard her next-door neighbor, Alice, in a violent fight with her estranged husband. Leah resolves to get close to Alice, worrying that she alone can save the woman from harm. But can Leah trust her senses? Or are they betraying her yet again? Correa brings new life to the familiar Rear Window conceit, wrapping things up with a stunning finale that forces readers to reevaluate each character and their motives. Paula Hawkins fans will devour this. Agent: Johanna Castillo, Writers House (Jan.)

Correction: In an earlier version of this review, the protagonist’s name was misspelled.