cover image A Dredging in Swann: A Seb Creek Mystery

A Dredging in Swann: A Seb Creek Mystery

Tim Garvin. Blackstone, $25.99 (350p) ISBN 978-1-9825-5084-4

Two knotty cases preoccupy fair-minded, conscientious sheriff’s detective Sebastian Creek, a former Marine MP recovering from PTSD, in this intriguing series launch from Garvin (Bhajan) set in Swann County, N.C. Leo Sackler, a black man in his 70s, is found hanged in the well he was digging on his property just days after his release from prison, having served a 48-year sentence for murder. Sackler had also recently inherited a large estate and $1 million from a reclusive widow. Meanwhile, 21 people die when two Marine helicopters collide over a nearby military base, and a trailer containing three Stinger missiles is taken from the crash site. The separate investigations intertwine as Creek digs into the complex Sackler case, exposing buried secrets and grave injustice, as well as an extensive poaching operation, unlawful drone surveillance activities, and treasonous intentions. The action builds to a suitably thrilling conclusion. Garvin skillfully draws together the many plot threads while also shining a compassionate light on PTSD sufferers bearing the scars of war. Agent: Peter Rubie, Fine Print Literary. (Jan.)