cover image We Are the Crisis

We Are the Crisis

Cadwell Turnbull. Blackstone, $26.99 (322p) ISBN 978-1-982603-75-5

Following the events of Turnbull’s No Gods, No Monsters, the whole world knows about the existence of monsters. Now, in this powerful and intricate sequel, they’ve started going missing. Could these disappearances be related to the rise of antimonster hate group the Black Hand? Nonhierarchical werewolf pack Laina Calvary, Ridley Gibson, and Rebecca Vázquez investigate. Meanwhile, young Dragon looks for a family with the rebel Alexandra “Alex” Trapp and shape-shifter Tezcat, and Senator Sondra Reed works to pass monster rights legislation while caring for her mother, who’s recovering from a trauma. The interweaving plot lines are relayed by a multiverse-traveling narrator, Calvin, who, in his own story line, uncovers more about and the role of “small gods” in the ongoing interspecies struggle. It’s a densely packed whirlwind of magic and social change, and Turnbull keeps readers on their toes throughout. The exploration of otherness, class, and race is as nuanced and robust as ever as Turnbull expands the scope of the “monsterverse,” taking on—and reveling in—the political complexities of this supernatural world. Fans of book one won’t want to miss this. Agent: Kim-Mei Kirtland, Howard Morhaim Literary. (Nov.)