cover image Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior

Christine Feehan. Berkley, $7.99 e-book (432p) ISBN 978-1-984803-52-8

Feehan gracelessly dives back into a world filled with family, suspense, and eroticism with the overheated fourth Shadow Riders novel (after Shadow Keeper). The Ferraro family has a secret: they ride tangible shadows and dispense their own brand of vigilante justice. Vittorio Ferraro is a rich playboy, devoted brother, and broody gothic hero. Enter Grace, a good-hearted event planner who has succeeded despite her difficult upbringing in an abusive foster home. When Grace’s foster brother tries to shoot Vittorio and Grace jumps in front of the bullet, Vittorio’s interest is piqued, even though getting involved with her means dragging her into a brewing war with a rival family. Feehan works in a heavily glorified depiction of sensual power play, complete with Vittorio emphasizing his alpha dominance by using his “gift” of a compelling voice to manipulate Grace against her will, and focuses intensely on the couple’s kinky dynamic. The suspense subplots are well-written, but completely eclipsed by the book-length sexual fantasy. Agent: Steve Axelrod, Axelrod Agency. (June)