cover image Looking Glass

Looking Glass

Christina Henry. Ace, $16 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-9848-0563-8

This mesmerizing collection of four novellas, each set in the dark, Alice in Wonderland–inspired universe of Henry’s Alice and Red Queen, brings readers back into the shadowy world of the City where grown-up Alice is determined to forge a place for herself and her new family. “Lovely Creature” introduces Alice’s sister Elizabeth, who possesses the same secret magic as her sister but refuses to follow in her footsteps. In “Girl in Amber,” Alice must confront her past, coming to terms with herself as the little girl who faced off against the Red Queen. “When I First Came to Town” reveals the origin story of Alice’s husband, Hatcher, this universe’s version of the Mad Hatter, telling of his early days as the best fighter in the City. “The Mercy Seat” sees Alice and Hatcher work together to defeat the malevolent leader of a magic-hating village in order to find a home of their own. These somber, occasionally disturbing novellas offer a mature take on the children’s story but balance the horrors of the City with hope. Henry’s fans will be happy to return to this world, but readers need not be familiar with earlier installments to appreciate this twisted take on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. (Apr.)