cover image Devolution


Max Brooks. Del Rey, $28 (304p) ISBN 978-1-9848-2678-7

Brooks (World War Z) spins a substantial and suspenseful case for the existence of Bigfoot in this thriller, told via diary entries, news transcripts, and Brooks’s own research. Kate Holland hopes to boost her failing marriage by moving to the small, sustainable community of Greenloop deep in the middle of nowhere, Washington State. When nearby Mount Rainier erupts, the disaster cuts off Greenloop from the rest of civilization. The community’s hopes of survival hinge on Mostar, a mysterious resident with impressive survival skills. Trapped with the people are incredibly strong, primordial Sasquatches. The hungry creatures know how to use the land to their advantage and have no intention of sharing with the humans. Brooks creates vivid landscapes and has a gift for shifting focus in an instant, turning lovely nature scenes suddenly menacing. Brooks packs his plot with action, information, and atmosphere, and captures both the foibles and the heroism of his characters. This slow-burning page-turner will appeal to Brooks’s devoted fans and speculative fiction readers who enjoy tales of monsters. (May)