cover image Hope at Sea: An Adventure Story

Hope at Sea: An Adventure Story

Daniel Miyares. Random/Schwartz, $17.99 (44p) ISBN 978-1-984892-83-6

Hope, a white, brown-haired child in a pink dress, longs to go to sea: “I don’t want to hear Papa’s stories after he returns. I will stow away!” Ship carpenter Papa finds Hope’s hiding place aboard the 19th-century vessel almost immediately and offers forgiveness, and Hope’s life at sea begins. Father introduces the child to many seafaring chores (and allows a cozy cabin berth). In one spread, he holds a sextant up to the night sky and shows Hope how to navigate: “Papa has shown me that even the smallest twinkle of light can guide us.” Journey’s end is marred by disaster for the ship and crew, but redeemed with triumph—and a coda that warms the heart. Miyares (Night Walk to the Sea) delivers an adventure with all the excitement an old-fashioned sea voyage can extend. Handsome line drawings show rigging and sails, period costumes for the largely white cast, great sweeps of seascape, and cinematic storm scenes. Most illustrations have only a sentence or two of text, including lively sea jargon (“Batten down the hatches!”), offering lots of action that can be followed visually. Ages 4–8. Author’s agency: Studio Goodwin Sturges. (Nov.)