cover image Kerry and the Knight of the Forest

Kerry and the Knight of the Forest

Andi Watson. Random House Graphic, $20.99 (288p) ISBN 978-1-984893-29-1

On his way to bring lifesaving medicine to his parents, Kerry is lured into the Forest of Shadows by a mysterious girl who promises that it is the fastest route home, then vanishes. Soon lost, Kerry wanders alone before encountering the Knight of the Road, a sentient Waystone whose duty it is to help travelers through the woods. Along the way, they encounter obstacles and forest denizens, almost all seemingly intent on capturing Kerry at the command of a powerful and malevolent spirit. While blending unique creatures and elements into a plot that feels well-trod, Watson retains a distinct feel and a funny voice (“How do you tell a dell from a hollow?” Kerry asks in one scene). Simply drawn art, elevated through deep textures and a shadowy, subtly changing forest palette, imbues the story with a moody atmosphere. A winning protagonist, Kerry is helpful and persistent, believing the best of others, and his optimism offers ballast to the story’s darker elements and the melancholic, surprisingly emotive Waystone. A timeless and immersive fantasy. Ages 8–12. [em](July) [/em]