Pirate Bear

Sonya Annita Song, illus. by Javier Giménez Ratti. Chinchilla Books, $15.95 (32p) ISBN 978-1-989381-03-8
Pirate Bear, known by his swashbuckling crew of rabbits and crocodiles as a short-tempered and ill-mannered “ruler of the seas,” encounters an unfamiliar feeling when he meets a purring kitten. “Arrr, this is nice! thought Pirate Bear,/ And so he let her stay,” beholding the feline with confused tenderness. As quickly as they come together, the duo is torn apart when Pirate Bear’s sword fighting scares the kitty away. He searches high and low but cannot find his new friend, finally (and with apology) roping in his crew to help search. Though the kitten’s location defies logic, readers may still enjoy Song’s readaloud-friendly rhyme and the story’s thematic familiarity. Ratti’s digital artwork, done in a bright palette, portrays the animal characters with large, expressive eyes and cartoon sensibilities. A worthwhile lesson in the interpersonal consequences of rude behavior. Ages 4–8. (Self-published)
Reviewed on : 02/13/2020
Genre: Children's
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