cover image Out of His League

Out of His League

Caroline A. Richardson. W x Wattpad, $16.99 trade paper (248p) ISBN 978-1-990259-06-7

Richardson (Western Heat) delivers a story of love at first sight in this captivating baseball romance. Sommelier Gretchen Harper spots her favorite baseball player, Joshua Malvern, in an airport on the way to Vegas. She’s about to fangirl over him when she notices he seems upset and decides to offer him a coffee rather than ask for an autograph. Turns out he’s been demoted to the minors, and a pick-me-up from a lovely blonde stranger is just what he needs. Immediately drawn to each other, they give in to their desires over a hot and heavy weekend. It’s uncharacteristic for them both, and when sex rapidly turns to love, Gretchen is unsure if she can commit to a long-distance relationship, and Joshua is afraid of getting distracted and losing his focus on the game. Will they be able to overcome their reservations or will they eventually strike out? The romance develops too fast for readers averse to instalove, but Richardson does a good job balancing the sweet and steamy scenes with backstory and internal monologues that flesh out her leads. Their chemistry is undeniable, and it’s enjoyable to watch their attraction grow. Fans of sports romances will find plenty to enjoy. (Apr.)