cover image El Vuelo de la Reina

El Vuelo de la Reina

Tomas Eloy Martinez. Alfaguara, $18.95 (296pp) ISBN 978-84-204-6423-7

A bimonthly columnist for the New York Times and a Latin American studies professor at Rutgers, Martinez has written several novels, including the Argentine classics Santa Evita (Saint Evita, Planeta, 1996) and La novela de Peron (Peron's Novel, Random House Espa$ol, 1997). This latest work received this year's Alfaguara prize for new fiction (see news, Criticas, May/June 2002), a prestigious recognition that affirms his place as one of Latin America's best writers. In the current novel, G.M. Camargo, the powerful director of a recognized Buenos Aires newspaper, becomes obsessed with the young and talented journalist Reina Remis. After taking charge of her journalism career, the arrogant director can't accept the fact that he can't control Remis's feelings; this blindness turns their love affair into a distressing and dangerous relationship. Always aware of the political turmoil and social contrasts that characterize the Argentine capital, Martinez constructs an irresistible intrigue about desire, power, and machismo that will grip readers until the last page. Situations in the book tend to repeat themselves Camargo and Remis get together twice, and he drugs and hits her twice as well and tension increases each time. Martinez also doesn't follow a strict chronology, which will keep readers wondering why and how certain events happened. An accessible read, this winner is highly recommended for public libraries and bookstores. Carmen Ospina, ""Criticas""