cover image Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Lewis Helfand and Sachin Nagar. Campfire, $9.99 trade paper (80p) ISBN 978-93-80028-65-1

The arrival of a major drug shipment sends an Interpol agent on the hunt for the man responsible for killing his parents in this jumbled revenge tale. Agent Praveer Rajani, considered a valuable asset but a loose cannon by his boss, is on hand when Interpol and the FBI intercept a drug buy in New York at an abandoned fairground. During the raid, Praveer sees an old photo booth, identical to one that he visited as a child with his brother and sister. Much of the story is told in full-color flashback—the present-day action is in black-and-white, with only blood inked in red—recounting how Praveer's parents were killed in a hit-and-run, and he and his younger sister were raised by his older brother, Jayendra. Back in the present, Praveer is positive that a long-ago photo hides a clue to the ringleader of the drug gang as well as to the identity of the man who killed his parents. While Nagar's art is stunning, the story lacks either logic or a satisfying arc. (June)