cover image Clasicos de Terror II = Classic Horror Stories II

Clasicos de Terror II = Classic Horror Stories II

Thomas Hardy, Ambrose Bierce. Sigmar, $6.4 (72pp) ISBN 978-950-11-1445-4

YA-This anthology of short, scary stories includes three truly classic tales by master storytellers Bierce, Poe, and Hardy each one suspenseful and mysterious in its own right. The realistic tones of each one makes the title of the book completely appropriate. Bierce tells a peculiar story of the odd and lonely Hiram Beeson. Poe concentrates on four cases in which living people were buried, while recognizing his own fear of meeting a similar fate. Hardy tells of three men whose lives are changed after they meet at a baptismal party. This wonderful book can be used as a read-aloud or as a quick getaway to worlds unheard of, unfamiliar, and certainly, a bit frightful. Marietta Barral Zacker, Atlanta Book Consulting, GA