cover image Baby-Sitter Blues

Baby-Sitter Blues

Marie-Aude Murail. Fondo de Cultura Economica USA, $8.5 (100pp) ISBN 978-968-16-6070-3

Gr 4-6-This book was originally published in Paris in 1988 by L'Ecole des Loisirs under the same English-language title. Although the setting for this story is very French, the quandaries and the characters are universal in their familiarity and appeal. The Spanish translation is well done, and the text reads smoothly. The protagonist, Emiliano, is a teenage boy who wants a new video camera. His single, working mom tells him that he'll have to earn half the money on his own. Out of desperation and with zero experience, he turns to baby-sitting. The first part of the book follows the amateur through several comical adventures in childcare. Emiliano maintains his cool during emergencies and takes to his new profession. In part 2, he ventures further afield and begins to tutor younger students in order to earn more money. Along the way, he learns several important life lessons and matures as he tackles some difficult problems. Black-and-white illustrations depict the action well with stylized sketches. Recommended for all collections. M.O.B.