cover image Intercambio Cultural

Intercambio Cultural

Isol. Fondo de Cultura Economica USA, $7.99 (31pp) ISBN 978-968-16-6261-5

Gr 1-3-Julito is a young boy who knows he is watching too much TV. One day he sees a commercial announcing a cultural exchange opportunity and decides he'd like to join and travel to Africa. But first, he must greet the exchange student who has come to take his place an elephant named Bombo, who, as it turns out, wants to watch TV for a while. In Africa, Julito has many great adventures and sees all sorts of wonderful new things. Meanwhile, Bombo hasn't budged from his spot in front of the boob tube. When he gets home, Julito has to pry Bombo out of his armchair and away from the cartoons. The boy tries to resume his old pastime but finds the programs boring in comparison to real life. The woodblock illustrations are crudely drawn yet humorous. The moral of the story is one that all parents and educators will endorse heartily. Recommended for all collections. M.O.B.