cover image Amarse Con los Ojos Abiertos = To Love with Your Eyes Open

Amarse Con los Ojos Abiertos = To Love with Your Eyes Open

Jorge Bucay / Author, Silvia Salinas / Joint Author Grupo Ocea

When Roberto, an Argentina-based marketing expert, starts receiving e-mail messages intended for Fredy, a therapist who is co-authoring a book about relationships with his colleague Laura, he simply deletes them without reading them. But as the messages keep coming, he grows increasingly annoyed and curious. Although he feels guilty about reading someone else's messages, Roberto is intrigued by Laura's thoughts about what men and women look for in relationships, why they fail, and what men and women must each do to develop and sustain love. Each new message helps him think about the problems in his current relationship and to explore his role in the failure of his previous relationships. The reader is caught up in Roberto's story through the direct application of Laura's advice to his own situation and his growing unease about eavesdropping. Bucay and Salinas (both psychotherapists) tell their story through a format of e-mail messages, which makes it fast-paced and easy to read. Those who enjoy Bucay's advice may also take interest in his most recent book on the ego, De la autoestima al ego smo (From Self-Esteem to Egoism, Oceano, 2000). Highly recommended for public libraries and large booksellers. Yolanda Cuesta, Sacramento, CA