cover image Detective John Chatterton

Detective John Chatterton

Yvan Pommaux. Kane/Miller Book Publishers, $14.95 (36pp) ISBN 978-980-257-236-6

K-Gr 2-Kids may not recognize the film noir style in which this delightful tale has been rendered but they will certainly pick up on the eternally hip rhythm of the dialogue. The staccato sentences offer need-to-know information only in witty exchanges between the 1930s-garbed characters. Detective Chatterton, a zoot-suited black cat, is hired by a blond bombshell in Crawfordesque shoulder pads to find her missing daughter. The plot line pays sly homage to Little Red Riding Hood by dressing the missing daughter all in red. Who else but a big bad wolf could play the villain? First published in France in 1993 by L' ecole des loisirs, the book features fantastic illustrations with high visual appeal that show the characters in period clothing, operating in a shady urban environment. This would be an excellent selection for story time but will work just as well for independent reading. Highly recommended for all collections and bookstores. Maria Otero-Boisvert, Criticas