cover image The Chromatic Fantasy

The Chromatic Fantasy

H.A. Silver Sprocket, $29.99 trade paper (312p) ISBN 979-8-88620-032-4

H.A. debuts with an inspired mix of stylish fantasy, erotic trans romance, and droll humor. In medieval times, a nun named Jules makes a pact with a devilish entity to shed his female identity and escape his oppressive convent. The deal also renders Jules magically impervious to physical harm (which later pays off in comedic dividends). He soon meets another dashing trans man named Casper, and a torrid tryst commences. The couple embark on a series of increasingly dangerous but humorous adventures in chapters with titles such as “Casper and Jules Get Eaten by Snakes and Die.” In one scene, the lovers attend a party hosted by a queen in whose court Casper once entertained as the fool. Informing Jules that everyone in attendance “hates me very much,” Casper asks Jules to taste-test each drink sent to him for poison. Jules indeed declares every drink “poisoned” while getting progressively plastered. H.A. displays impressive artistic chops, with tour de force sequences such as the queen’s grand procession. This uninhibited vision enchants. (Oct.)

Correction: An earlier version of this review confused two of the characters.